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Olympian, POW, Unbroken    by: Rebecca Alwine

Unbroken tells the true story of Louis Zamperini and his wild youth. He was born to immigrant parents in New York in 1917 and moved to California early in his childhood. His running career began early and by high school he ran a 4:21 mile. His athletic success earned him a spot on the 1936 Olympic Team, finishing 8th in the 5000m race in Berlin. READ MORE

Is Halloween Over Yet? Please?       by: Erin Whitehead

I really can’t stand this holiday. Is it even a holiday? Eh, perhaps that is a matter of opinion. And my opinion is that I hate it. Do I have a religious objection to it? Not at all. In fact, the only time I will defend this monster of a commercialized, stupid celebration is if someone tries to ban it for religious reasons. Sorry. I am a firm believer that everyone should be entitled to worship how they choose… but I also believe that the beliefs of one person should not infringe on those of another. READ MORE

My Grandfather, The Ghost    by: Samantha Dean

I had a little case of the heebie-jeebies, but I eventually settled in the front den with a textbook. Then, I swear I heard the mudroom door open and close. That was the way Pappy always entered the house. I went to check, and found nothing. When I was back in the den, I kept having that feeling that someone was watching me. A few times, the house creaked like someone was walking from the dining room to the tv or the kitchen, but I checked every time, and it was just me in the house. I tried to convince myself it was just an old house, but I finally got so scared that I had to go sit outside. Even then, I felt like someone inside the house was watching me. READ MORE

I Secretly Love Halloween     by: Katie Foley

The neighborhoods we rode past on our way to school were filled with ginormous spider webs and life-sized skeletons, Freddy scene remakes, and haunted houses that really, throughout the normal year, we all thought were haunted anyway. Though the decorations terrified me (I am easily scared), I LOVED the rush of some teenager jumping out of the pile of leaves next to his front door as we walked up to the doorbell. Though I grew up in the south, the buckle of the Bible belt, and had plenty of influential people all around me thumping out the message that Halloween is evil, I loved every scary second of it. READ MORE

The Salior That Didn't Check Out    by: Cyndia Rios-Myers

I’d woken up a few times to the feeling of being stared at. I opened my eyes to look at the wall before me. It was still dark and quiet. I turned around and looked at the space by my bed, by the window, and by the front door. Nothing. I closed my eyes and forced myself to not think about the stories I’d heard about the USS Forrestal sailors who roamed their ship long after they’d passed. I tried not to think about the story of the Electrician’s Mate on my last ship, who walked the p-ways at night, years after he’d been electrocuted. I also tried to ignore the memories of the place I grew up in - the house that never was completely devoid of occupants, no matter how empty it was. READ MORE


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