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Dumb Dads, MILFS, and War Veterans: Highly Offensive Mom     by: Katie Foley

Recently, I read an article on Huffington Post. The gyst of the article went something like “Dad’s aren’t dumb so stop making us out to be.” It was written in response to a piece found onScaryMommy in which the blogger writes an incredibly stupid fake narrative of a dad talking about his child’s birth and the experience just before going to the hospital. The gyst of that one went something like “I’m a yuk, I don’t know anything, so much blood- there might be vampires soon, giant lady parts” and you get the disturbing idea. READ MORE

The Best Kind of Cancer  by: Jeanette Martinez

At twenty-nine, this was unexpected. Although, I should add, that at any age, this would have been unexpected. “You’re scans came back abnormal. We believe you have what’s called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma…” She says it so matter-of-factly, I have to do a double take  “what?” “Abnormal.” Still, there is that glimmer of hope in the way she says, “we believe.” Believe. Unconfirmed. Not set in stone. Of course they’ll have to perform a biopsy to verify but it could always be negative…Couldn’t it? READ MORE

Military Spouses Helping Veterans Heal     by: Erin Whitehead

We have all been asked the question: “If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only keep one creature comfort, what would it be and why?” For me the answer is easy… I would choose my music. All of the many songs, a quirky collection of genres and style, that fill 8 GB on my iPod. Music is the one thing that can lift my spirits, calm me down, motivate me, or help me deal with a rough time. Music heals me. READ MORE

Ferguson: Don't You Dare Loot Our Beer      by: Katie Foley

Today I stumbled across a hit list published by protestors in anticipation of the Grand Jury decision projected to be handed down on Friday in the town of Ferguson. It had nearly 70 targets with the cryptic warning that they would likely be hit, and there would surely be violence, if the protestors are unhappy with the decison about indicting officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. (See the original article here) Unlike the hit lists we see in the movies, this list didn’t consist of any one person. Rather, it consisted of groups of people- meaning the list wasn’t meant to be 70 people the people intended to hurt, but almost 70 groups of people. READ MORE

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