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Honor in Unexpected Moments    by: Carol Ann Swett

In my haze of self-absorbed panic, it’s a wonder I noticed him standing there. He was in desert fatigues and doing a good job of trying to disappear in plain sight, even though he towered over most of us. Behind and off a step or five to his right, I saw her. She was about my age and height. Tears were waging war with her ironclad self-control. Somehow, I knew they were connected despite the distance and nonchalance between them. READ MORE

#YouMatter    by: Jennifer Coswert

Have you ever thought that you couldn’t find your place in the world? Or felt that you just didn’t belong anywhere? I think we have all felt like this at some point in our lives. But once we become wives and mothers those feelings cease, right? Well, not for all of us. It’s the lie my brain tells me. READ MORE


The Day I Learned My Child Had Cancer    by: Alison Coates Clement

No one ever prepares you for the absolute worst day of your life. No one tells you that your world can forever change in a split second. No one ever tells you… until it happens. Until they look at you with fear because of what they saw on an x-ray with their own eyes. Until they tell you that your child has cancer.  READ MORE



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