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Death with Dignity: I Don't Know How to Feel     by: Liz Snell

“Death with Dignity” and “Right to Die” - Both of these phrases made headlines last month with the story of Brittany Maynard’s anticipated and eventual death. A piece by another MKR writer concerning right to die suggested that Brittany had an expiration date on her head. After reading the piece I thought, “But don’t we all?” We all have a point in which we are going to pass from this life into whatever the next one holds. We are all uncertain of when that date may be, even though we know that the day will, in fact, arrive.  READ MORE

Family Values ... on TV?    by: Rebecca Alwine

With fall premiers, we see a lot of returning TV shows, and some brand new ones. I’m a big fan of watching a show from start to finish; I hate the suspense of waiting from episode to episode and despise the season finale cliffhanger. So Hulu+, Amazon Prime, and Neflix are my go-to for television. October 1st brought us Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Recently I stumbled across Blue Bloods on Hulu. I remember watching an episode or two over the past few years, but as I like shows in their natural order, I didn’t get into it. Now I’m hooked READ MORE

Divorce IS an Option     by: Katie Foley

It seems like nobody believes in divorce, yet a majority of people take part in it. According to a CDC report, more than half of marriages in the United States end in divorce or annulment. With a little digging on the CDC website, one will find that the percentage of subsequent marriages failing is even higher. It would appear that divorce is an option, after all. So why does everyone claim that it’s NOT an option? READ MORE

This Post Gave Me Cancer      by: Jeanette Martinez

Facebook makes me angry. No, PEOPLE on Facebook make me angry. How on earth do others not see how ridiculous they are when engaging? You have a point to get across and, dammit, you KNOW you are right! So, naturally here’s what you do: you argue, you hit *CAPS LOCK*, and have it out with whoever you happen to disagree with on that day. Because, how else would you prove you're right? I suppose you could share some cold hard facts to back your opinion, but WHY would you if you KNOW you're rightADULTS. SCARE. ME. READ MORE

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