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The Tiny Hand You Hold Today   by:Carol Ann Wright Swett

"I’m in that awkward in-between stage – launching future parents into the world vs. dreading toddler tantrums in the market aisle. I can laugh at misbehaving littles now. I don’t have to deal with them behind closed doors or feel the weight of public scrutiny for being an inept mom." READ MORE

How To Start Building Your Family Tree   by: Cyndia Rios-Meyers

"My ancestry has always interested me. I grew up speaking Spanish and English at home; in the states, I thought of my Puerto Rican heritage. While living in P.R., I frequently thought about the country of my birth." READ MORE

Saying Goodbye to the Memory of Home   by: Samantha Dean

It is three am on a Saturday morning and I’m standing upstairs in the house my parents bought nearly twenty years ago, crying like an idiot. I have just spent a week here with my daughters, my sister, and my father. It is the third time in just over four years I have been to the house, and it will be my last. READ MORE


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