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Hey Punk in the Prius

Article by: Katie Foley

Hi. I see you over there, in your shiny, blue piece of metal. You’re looking over here at me in my shiny black Jeep and revving your engine. You’re doing some weird wiggly thing with your eyebrows, and oh jeez did you just blow me a series of kisses to the beat of your engine revving? READ MORE



Road ID

Article by: Rebecca Alwine

As a runner, I have been exposed to a whole world of products that otherwise would have never appealed to me. But one product is so important and so wonderful that I want to share it with you. READ MORE


Fat to Fit: A Fight for the Body AND Mind

Article by: Rebekah Bavry

“You’re the new skinny!” the cashier at the store told me. Me? Skinny? I have never been called skinny, up until now that is. I am still not convinced that I will ever be skinny. In fact, I am still pretty sure that I am fat. READ MORE