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The Day I Saved My Life and Killed My Marriage    by: Anna Chambers

I hit send and held my breath wondering if the world would fly apart when my truth hit the harsh light of cyberspace. Trolls inhabit this vast landscape, don’t you know? Writing is not for the faint of heart – especially if trolls find you. When I saw the post go live my heart raced, and my palms went clammy. Comments stacked up. No trolls showed up – at least not in places I stumbled across. READ MORE


Mom, You are Strong!   by: Rebecca Alwine

My friend Amanda asked me to be part of an all-women team that would pull a Lenco BearCat 25 feet as part of a Special Olympics fundraiser. I figured it would be fun, and I’m a sucker for a good cause. But as I was standing around looking at that massive police vehicle, I started having doubts. READ MORE


Photography How To: 5 Sexy and Subtle Poses     by: Brianna Noelle

Boudoir shoots. This can be intimidating when you define them. A boudoir is defined as a lady’s bedroom so these super sexy shoots originated as a way to showcase the client’s sexy side. Many times boudoir shoots are used for gifts for weddings or even Valentines Day. READ MORE

Forty is the New ... 40!     by: Erin Whitehead, Creater of Many Kind Regards

I woke up and realized that I might need to start raising money for my plastic surgery fund because you just never know when that dream role will present itself, right? I made some very careful calculations: Take the number of stretch marks, divide that by two c-sections, subtract the weight loss, add the inches that gravity has stretched my skin, carry the two… and, well, I figure it will only take a cool half million to get this body stage ready. READ MORE


I am NOT your Doctor!    by: Jeanette, Highly Offfensive Mom

You've seen these women on a variety of social media sites, public parenting sites, and forums. They are the ones who post on a group page (or their personal one) a graphic image of an awkwardly located rash on their child. They ask things like "Does anyone know what this is?", "Has anyone seen this before?” Or "I want to take her to the ER but I thought I'd check here first, see what you guys thought." READ MORE

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